Ciara enjoying spending third pregnancy with family during lockdown - Music News

Ciara is grateful to be spending so much time at home with her family during her third pregnancy.

The Level Up hitmaker is used to flying around the U.S. to support her American football star husband Russell Wilson, but with sports teams having to cancel seasons, and artists having to postpone shows and stay home, the coronavirus lockdown has proved opportune for the pair.

"What we did with my last pregnancy was he was flying in, like, twice a week to be with me," Ciara told Entertainment Tonight. "So luckily, he's able to be with me and the kids, and we're just making the best of all of it.

"He's stuck with me and I'm stuck with him," she jokingly added. "But it's amazing, and honestly, it's not as abnormal for us. We never get time like this, you know. That's just the way our schedules are designed.

"Even if I was staying at home, he'd be out doing football. So, it's a very, very sweet time and, you know, it's sweet to have this time in the midst of it all."

It's not all been rosy for the superstar couple, however, after the Covid-19 crisis meant Russell was forced to stay in the car and FaceTime his wife while she went for an ultrasound back in April.

"The life of a pregnant woman in Covid-19 era is very interesting... Russ had to FaceTime me from the car for our Ultrasound," the 34-year-old wrote on Instagram along with clips from the day.

The couple began dating in early 2015 and wed the following year. They share a three-year-old daughter, Sienna Princess, while Ciara also has a son, five-year-old Future Zahir, from her relationship with rapper Future.

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