Justin Bieber credits sugar-free diet for improving his mental health - Music News

Justin Bieber has credited ditching sugar from his diet with improving his mental health.

The Yummy hitmaker previously took time away from music to focus on his wellbeing and, in an effort to reverse the stigma surrounding depression, he discussed his experiences during the latest episode of his and wife Hailey's Facebook Watch series, The Biebers on Watch.

"I gotta say, when you tell me that you're proud of me it means more than anybody else," he told Hailey, who then reflected on her husband's journey from her point of view.

"When you were struggling a bit with depression the biggest change I saw was two things," she commented. "The biggest thing I saw was when you got on the proper antidepressant, which you're no longer on 'cause you worked with a doctor and you guys felt like it wasn't needed anymore. So, when that happened and when you changed your diet."

Justin, 26, added: "I cut sugar pretty much out and then since I've cut sugar out... I feel like I'm not depressed... Depression is a real thing. A lot of people struggle with depression and people look at it like it's a weakness. But until you have it..."

The Canadian popstar went on to urge fans to not be ashamed of seeking help, insisting, "It just means you care about yourself and you wanna be a healthy individual."

Hailey agreed, sharing: "And also, you gotta be the healthiest version of yourself too, and you gotta strive to wanna be that, especially in a partnership and in a relationship. When you're in a relationship, that person isn't... it's not up to them to save you, it's not their job to fix you.

"You gotta want to do that on your own and you gotta want to constantly be becoming the best version of yourself so the two of you can keep getting better," the 23-year-old added.

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