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Robyn has credited regular therapy sessions for helping her "understand" the map of her life.

The Swedish singer opened up about her mental health on the latest episode of the Changes with Annie Mac podcast and explained that she first started seeing a therapist 10 years ago to help her deal with a "really challenging" relationship she was in at the time.

"I felt super-vulnerable. And so I started therapy. It wasn't even a plan. I just did it like it was some kind of instinct to understand myself a little bit better," she said.

Then, several years later, the Dancing On My Own star went through a break-up, so decided to up her "ratio of therapy".

"So I was seeing my therapist and she was like, well, now that you're coming three or four times a week, you know that you're in psychoanalysis. And I was like, oh, cool," she continued. "And I started really embracing my therapy at that point. I think it's easier to do that when you're feeling like s**t. Psychoanalysis is like a long-term thing. It very much goes against ... well, you know, quick-fix ideas about getting your life together or whatever.

"It's more about like breaking it all apart, disintegrating yourself and figuring yourself out again. So, you know, it's a heavy thing, but it's also a really, really cool thing if you're up for it. So I was in therapy for six years."

Now, Robyn is able to calm herself down when she gets worked up - a skill she learned through her regular therapy sessions.

"I feel like maybe the most important thing that I learned in therapy is to have, like, a calm to figure out really how to calm myself down because, over six years, you have so much time to work through things in a different way," she mused. "You have time to kind of figure out what you do in different kinds of situations and why it's like drawing a map over your life in a way, not like solving stuff, maybe, but just like understanding it."

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